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The first sign……

Well here I am talking to myself again. But that’s ok because, you see I am quite used to that..its the first sign or so they say. Now I have never felt any need or desire to publish these fascinating conversations with myself, But hey! who am I to be averse to change. So I am in this new course, kinda thing, and they want me to make my conversations public. So, here I am prostrating myself before the world and letting the world into my inner rants. Enjoy!!

Prior to this I have contented myself with reading other people’s blogs from time to time. So, for example, being a little interested in green issues and politics I would have followed Ciaran Cuffes blog which he keeps adding to regularly. Sadly for him, his mission to rid the country of dodgy planning came to an abrupt end last election. Now the only time he encounters dodgy is in his vegetable plot!! Still Ciaran is a keen cyclist and he has that annoyingly glowing healthy look to him. But, I could have told him cycling is a dangerous pastime and not least because of the potholes and narrow cycle lanes they like to squeeze cyclists into.

So I just dont see myself blogging on about cycling…..Onwards and upward, as they say.. Seeing as how blogs are well basically all about language, then theres a topic that might inspire me. But as I look like the wreck of the Hesparus, am feeling fair to middling, and  will very soon be off for the two days and have probably frightened off any potential readers already and put the kibosh on having any fans, I may as well mouth off about one of my peeves. The state of our language. And before you jump down my throat, I dont mean the national language, An Gaeilge. thats not doing too bad considering how badly it was taught over the last century. I mean the English language, or at least the version of the English language that we speak here. And very rich it is indeed for having had that slant. The richness of the Irish language has added such richness to the way we speak English. All those translations that have added such variety to our dialects contributed to our country putting forward a very rich body of culture in the arts and add such colour to our conversations. But, alas, I fear that this is changing with the advent of globalisation and young people identifying more with the global culture than with the local. The same clothes, the same music, the same entertainment, the same language. Where have the turns of phrase, the funny expressions, the colloquialisms that made each area interesting, where have they gone? Today young people are saying Hi, and wow and awesome and are  more in tune with their comrades on the other side of the Atlantic than with valuing what has been handed down to them. However, I do not plan to spend my blogging time moaning about this rather instead I would like to use this site to start collecting words, sayings, expressions from all around the country and see if we can get a collection together for posterity.  So start sending in those sayings please………Who knows, We may succeed in building a collection and that would be a turn up for the books!!

Few sites on the web ,mainly humourous, but may sprovide a few sayings to start my collection perhaps…. 


Well, I think thats enough of the gab from me for one night. Be back again, for more ramblings………


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